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    2019年5月27日 · Billboard,Advertising,Traditional Advertis
    When making outdoor advertising such as billboards, many people are keen on a beautiful design that can charm others. However, many still forget that billboards are not just not need a beautiful and simple design, but color selection should also be appropriate. This should be emphasized that the...
    2019年5月22日 · Billboard,Traditional Advertis,Advertising,digital outdoor
    Digital outdoor advertising was estimated... to rake in US $ 14.6B in 2018 reported by B & T. The amount is huge as 11.9% increase from the previous year. Yet still some entrepreneurs still have no awareness of the greatness of outdoor advertising that can provide great returns for every...
    2019年5月15日 · Advertising,Billboard,Traditional Advertis
    Outdoor advertising isn't something odd... ...and it is even growing in Malaysia. Although it’s just a picture hanging on the board, it had a huge impact to the products and brand. We can see an increase in outdoor advertising especially in the cities area – bus station, commuter, building,...
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