7 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks To Elevate Your Emailing Game

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Email marketing is the single most effective marketing channel out there. Doing it well is not easy, but very worth the effort. Studies consistently show that emailing a subscriber base regularly translates into revenue over time. Below, we have gathered seven email marketing tips and tricks that can set you on a strong path to fine-tune your email marketing strategy as another revenue-generating marketing channel.

1. Set Only One Clear & Focused Call to Action

The key to driving traffic to your landing page is quite simple: have one primary call to action (CTA) in the email message. Having multiple CTAs will only distract the reader and make them confused. Although you’re using one primary CTA, don’t be afraid to include it in multiple locations. You can place them early in the email above the fold, in the middle, towards the end, and remind them again in the P.S.

2. Encourage Your Readers to Reply

Today, email marketing opens the door for meaningful conversations with your potential customers. We’re talking about real people who are interested in your business. With that in mind, you’ll want to encourage this back-and-forth in. The focus here is to get people to respond. That may mean just clicking a link, but wherever possible, encourage them to actually reply to your emails.  It’s the best way to show you’re interested in what your subscribers are thinking.

3. Personalization the Content

It’s a good idea to add personal elements to your emails wherever you can. Address your subscribers by name. Craft your message to dive deep, addressing their interests and needs. These practices are not only becoming more commonplace, but they’re also becoming expected. Customize your subject lines and of course, be sure to segment your list by behaviour.

4. Make Sure Your Emails Look Great

It might sound somewhat obvious, but you may be surprised at how many businesses still send emails that look like those free, amateur websites from the ‘90s. Use short paragraphs and make sure that your keywords and any phrases that may be important to your readers stand out. Include bullet points to help people skim the important content. Oh, and make sure your emails look good on both mobile and desktop devices. 

5. Include Links to Your Social Media Profiles

Encouraging your readers to engage with your business on social media should be one of the key ingredients of your email marketing. Therefore, email marketing best practice is to include links to your social media alongside a call to action to share this promotional offer with their social media followers and friends.Not only does this give you an added opportunity for promotion, but it also builds trust between your business and your audience. 

6. Do a Test Run Before Sending Your Email

If you want to continuously see your subscribers open and click on links in your emails, you’ll need to make sure every message sent is working properly. Double-check that each of your messages look the way you want them to by first sending them to employee accounts. This is a best practice for email marketing campaigns. Sending mass emails without double-checking the content is like showing up to a business meeting having gotten dressed in the dark. If it goes poorly, you won’t just look foolish; you’ll look unprofessional too!

7. Keep Track of Your Data

Keep a keen eye on your data, like how many email addresses were undeliverable, how many were never opened, and what time of day people did open your message. The tiny details in your data can tell you an awful lot about your campaign’s performance. Try tagging your emails with custom campaign tracking so you can see how they’re driving traffic to your landing pages, and how those people behave once they get there. With this information you can really personalize your messages for people who want it.