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    Have you started selling your business online and now figuring how to grow your business further with the right metrics to decide on proper actions?

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  • Digital Lead Generation & Sales Management Training

    Learning how to effectively generate leads through digital channel,

    specifically Facebook that are most likely to buy from you.

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  • Training Outline


    Introduction to Facebook Lead Generation Ads.


    Setting up of Business Manager and ad account.


    Setting up of campaign structure and marketing objective.


    Identifying budget for campaign.


    Continuous targeting and optimisation improvements.


    Sales management tips and knowledge for online audience to offline sales conversions.​


    Understanding lead analytics from Facebook and how it affects sales conversion.

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  • Expected Outcome

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    Maximise Return from

    Digital Channel

    Manage digital channel like Facebook to a sales gold mine by turning Facebook audience to real buying prospects. Learn the right way of managing ad accounts and page to effectively find the audience that are ready to buy from you.

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    Minimise Wastage of

    Digital Ad spent

    Learn targeting techniques that works for your business. Know where to spend and how to spend effectively to minimise the wastage of Digital Ad spent.

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    Sales and Marketing Decision Making based on Data

    Observe marketing and sales conversion data collected for better decision making on strategic marketing plan. Identify the challenges and issues faced by the marketing and salespeople to better provide effective solutions.

  • Program Trainer and Facilitator

    Cumulatively over 10 years of experience in Advertising and Digital Marketing.

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    Melvin Chan

    Melvin has always been involved in starting, growing companies as well as having his fair share of winding up unsuccessful companies that provided him with great insights of running and growing successful startups - all down to execution and speed in building networks.

    He has been widely sought after to advise, consult and train entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve metrics that are vital to move on to next phases of growth as well as invited to conferences to speak on topics that includes activation of intrapreneurship within organizations, lean startup principles, disruptive leadership, and various sales breakthrough strategies.

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    Richard Moh

    An experienced Marketing Campaign and Operations Director, Richard kickstarted his career at the highest level of corporate consultancy in Accenture.


    He joined Adstrux Asia as the Campaign Director in 2019. Through the company he is now serving the dealerships from renowned brands such as BMW, Volvo, Subaru, Proton, Toyota, Honda and more, to transform their traditional set up into a digital facilitated customer experience from marketing to sales, as well as after-sales service.


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