8 Pro Content Marketing Tips That'll Bring You Legitimate Traffic

Content marketing is the thing now. It is such a big part of a successful business and only makes sense to pay attention to nailing your content strategies as there are so many benefits of content marketing to your overall business..So here we are with the best content marketing tips advised by the pros from our team. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger with strong traffic or a fledgling newbie with a small brand-new blog, you’ll find plenty of actionable advice you can use immediately to bring traffic to your website.

1. Only Publish Your Very Best Material

With so much content being produced, competition is high and has never been more intense. As such, it’s vital that you only publish the very best content possible, or you can’t possibly hope to succeed. It’s better to publish one excellent post per week than five mediocre posts per week. Make sure your content, be it social media posts or blog articles, has no typos or grammar errors. Remember, when it comes to content, it is always quality over quantity.

2. Monitor Your Content Performance 

One of the most common misconceptions about content marketing is that simply by publishing blog posts, your business will magically take off. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Smart content marketers don’t just produce excellent content, but also know how to measure the results. It’s crucial that you evaluate the performance of your content using analytics and other data-driven approaches – otherwise you could be wasting your time and money.

3. Repurpose Your Content Occasionally

The best content takes time, effort, and skill to produce so don’t let it go to waste instead turn into multiple content. This is where repurposing contents from one format into several comes in handy. Okay, here is an example that you can start off with. Take your best performing blog article, convert it into a thread post for IG, share it as a video on Tiktok or Youtube, share the link on FB and Twitter. You can even turn it into EDM and blast. 

4. Target Specific Keywords with Your Content

If you’re not thinking about keyword targeting, you can bet your competitors are. That’s why it pays to target specific keywords with your content before you produce it. SEO is complex, yes hence it is sufficient to say that you should be thinking of keywords you want to rank for before you sit down to write a blog post or produce any other type of content. Simple, always put SEO first. 

5. Ensure Your Content Reflects Your Brand’s Voice

Content marketing is one of the best ways to develop and refine the “voice” of your brand. For each and every post, ask questions about how the content advances and develops your brand’s voice. Does the writing reflect your company’s values? Is your brand voice sincere, or forced and artificial? These are all questions that can help you take control of your brand’s voice and refine your messaging through content. 

6. Don’t Copy Other Corporate Blogs 

Often many content marketers point to the blogs of influential solo bloggers who have established loyal readerships as an example of the direction they’d like their blog to take. This is a more challenging task than it might appear. So, whether you’ve been tasked with revamping an ailing corporate blog or launching one from scratch, don’t look to other corporate blogs for inspiration. Study and emulate those strategies instead. 

7. Constantly Hone Your Writing Skills

A relative lack of experience or confidence is the biggest obstacle to many in their aspirations to become a writer. There’s nothing worse than telling people to just stick with it in the vague hopes that their writing skills will improve. Writing, like many skills, is a craft that you can always improve. Write every single day – yes, every day, even if it’s only a hundred words or so. Be relentless in your pursuit of excellence, and don’t settle for mediocrity.

8. Provide Answers with Your Content

Earlier, we discussed the value of targeting specific keywords with your content. If you’re already doing this, the chances are pretty good that you’re targeting ranking for a solid number of simple keyword terms that are relevant to your business. While this is still a worthwhile strategy to pursue, going after rankings for complex search queries can have an even bigger payoff, namely ranking in Google.