8 Quick SEO Tips That Can Increase Your Website's Organic Traffic

Just built an awesome website? Great. But who cares if no one sees it? These simple SEO tricks and tweaks will help you rank well in Google and other search engines and get your site seen. Below, we have gathered quick SEO tips that will help your website get more attention and visibility organically.

1. Add internal links to new pages

Internal links are backlinks from one page on your website to another. They help visitors navigate from page to page, distribute ‘link authority’ throughout your site, and Google also uses their anchor text to understand context. If you want your page to stand the best chance of ranking, it makes sense to add some backlinks to your own sites. But don’t overdo it. Stick to 2-3 backlinks and that would do. 

2. Do An Annual Content Audit

Content audits involve analyzing all pages on your website to see whether they should be kept as is, updated, consolidated, or deleted. Doing a content audit allows you to know which contents stay and which needs to be deleted. According to a survey, doing an annual content audit helps many increase their website traffic by 7.57%. There are many content auditing plug-ins, so install it, follow the instructions, and it’ll give suggested actions for all your posts and pages.

3. Repurpose Blog Posts As Videos

People enjoy different content formats based on their personal preferences. Some like videos where others prefer to read. So an easy way to reach a wider audience is to repurpose blog posts as videos. Turn your higher ranking blog posts into videos. Why? Because you can then embed the video in your blog post to appeal to more visitors.You should also consider repurposing posts about topics that people are searching for on YouTube.

4. Monitor Competing Backlinks

If you’re not yet ranking number one for your target keyword, then it might be because competitors have more high-quality backlinks. If the pages that outrank you have more websites linking to them (referring domains), that might be holding you back. One way to begin fixing this is to monitor people linking to less deserving content, then try to get those people to link to you instead. You’re essentially looking for areas where your page trumps theirs.

5. Fix Pages with Broken Backlinks

Backlinks to dead pages are effectively wasted. They’re not helping the page rank because it no longer exists, and they’re probably not helping other pages rank much either. How do you know if you have broken backlinks? Simple, you click the link and it show 404 error. Just know that it’s only worth fixing these issues if the dead pages have high-quality backlinks. If not, it’s usually fine to leave them as 404’s.

6. Convert Images into Backlinks

If you have custom illustrations or infographics on your site, it’s highly likely that others will use them in their content. Most of the time, people link back to the source of the image when using your images, but not always. Another common issue is people linking directly to the image instead of the page it came from. If you spot people doing this, it’s worth reaching out and kindly asking them to add or fix the source link.

7. Install a Caching Plugin

Caching helps speed up your website for visitors, and there are a couple of reasons why that matters. First, page speed is a ranking factor on both mobile and desktop. Second, the probability of a visitor bouncing increases as page load time goes up. Although many factors affect pagespeed, installing a caching plugin is a quick and easy win that takes all of two minutes.

8. Embed Your Videos in Relevant Posts

Have you ever noticed that there’s a “Videos” tab in Google search? The interesting thing about this tab is that it doesn’t just show YouTube videos. It also shows pages from the web results with relevant video embeds. Though, there’s only a small percentage of organic search traffic (roughly 2%) for the video search but we're certainly not complaining about the extra 15,000 visits a month for such little effort. Plus, if your site’s in a highly visual niche like recipes, you’ll probably see an even bigger boost.

None of these tips should take more than 15 minutes. You could implement them all in three hours. That’s not long at all, considering the impact they should have. Is there more you can do to boost traffic? Absolutely. Ping us and we shall discuss more.