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Carsome is one of the largest integrated car exchange platforms in Southeast Asia, with operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. The ecommerce company's goal is to digitise the region's used car industry and car-buying process. Car inspection, ownership transfer, and financing are all part of Carsome's end-to-end solutions.

The goal of Carsome is to accelerate awareness. Carsome wanted to raise awareness for its new car buying and selling service, which aimed to provide consumers with a hassle-free vehicle exchange experience as well as a money-back guarantee.

One of the examples is the Carsome Hari Raya Campaign, they created a photo and video ad campaign to highlight the selling process. The video advertisements depicted two mothers-in-law visiting each other during the holiday season, with one being surprised that the other is expecting a special delivery, which is revealed to be a car from Carsome.

Carsome targeted people aged 20–49 in Malaysian cities who were likely to spend money on high-value items with its ads. The car platform used automatic placements to ensure that ads appeared where they were most likely to perform well on Facebook and Instagram.

Carsome conducted a brand lift study to better understand the effectiveness of its April 27–May 31, 2021 photo and video ad campaigns, which yielded the following results:

-6.7-point increase in ad recall among 18-24-year-olds

-Ad recall increased by 4.1 points across all targeted audiences.

-Positive response to "Would you recommend Carsome to a friend?" increased by 2.3 points across all target audiences.

The correct selection is vital to the success of a communication campaign. A basic rule of thumb in the selection of the communication channel is that the more a message needs to change behaviors and win over hearts and minds