Foodpanda unveils the first-of-its-kind brand ambassador: Pau Pau 

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Have you ever noticed that 2D marketing animation video has slowly transformed to 3D in order to boost sales or services? 2D and 3D animation videos are so powerful because they could create endless possibilities for the business even if it is the marketing trend of the future. The most significant example will be Foodpanda’s Pau-Pau. 

Pau-Pau, foodpanda's first-of-its-kind brand ambassador, is here to promote empowerment and sustainability. Pau-Pau has been created to commemorate its tenth anniversary as Asia's first food and grocery delivery platform.In December 2021, the pink panda made its initial appearances in Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia, and has since been brought out in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Laos, before being rolled out over the rest of the foodpanda network. Pau-Pau will be implemented in the Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh in the following phase.

The reason why Foodpanda Pau-Pau’s was so famous? Is because the animation video was:


Viewers can remember more information when watching a  3D animated video than just looking at 2D visuals among black and white text. By allowing enormous volumes of information to be viewed and kept in a short amount of time, 3D animated video can be an invaluable asset to your organisation. Hand-drawn work has a professional and believable appearance. These videos are both interesting and entertaining. They maintain the user's interest and concentration. People are also more likely to view cartoon-themed 3D animated videos than 2D flyers. Audience engagement will skyrocket once organizations add a 3D animated movie to your website.

Grab attention 

According to recent studies, online users have a 9-second attention span! And that's only if they come across something intriguing enough to take a break and look more closely. Users of social media sites despite scrolling down long pages and becoming buried in text; they want information delivered fast and in an engaging manner. Consider how you navigate through your Facebook or Instagram feeds, analysing what your hundreds of friends feel significant at any given time. Consider what goes through your mind when you come across something interesting.

Sharing potential

3D animated videos are extremely easy to share and frequently become viral. No one wants to transmit a boring URL that links to a simple 2D home page, but a 3D animated video is interesting, has eye-catching content, and is constantly entertaining. If your company has a social media presence, you can post 3D animated videos. If it's fascinating or amusing to your followers, they'll share it with their own networks, bringing more people back to your website or social media page. Videos generate 12 times the amount of shares as links and text postings combined.

Animated videos can be found all over the Internet, and as business owners discover their limitless possibilities, animated movies are quickly becoming a standard for modern communication. People are spending more time using media and less time viewing live television. As a result, there have been significant changes in how businesses reach out to their target audiences with marketing. Every day, 100 million people use the Internet to watch videos. People are streaming videos in public venues and private residences, as well as parks and businesses. Traditional television advertising and print advertisements alone will not increase your profits.