LinkedIn New Feature: "Stay-at-Home Parent" Job title

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LinkedIn has announced multiple new Job titles, which will allow full-time parents and caretakers to more accurately display their roles.

According to LinkedIn’s engineering director, "Users will be able to choose "stay-at-home mom," "stay-at-home dad" or “stay-at-home parent” from a list of job titles on the site. Apparently they wanted to provide users a way to explain their employment gaps on their LinkedIn profiles. The company also plans to add "parental leave," "family care" and "sabbatical" options in the coming weeks."

Once you have updated your profile as “Stay-at-home Mom” or “Stay-at-home Dad” or “Stay-at-home Parent” and you change your employment type to “Self-Employed”, you won’t need to specify your company or employer anymore.

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LinkedIn will also add a new field specifically for employment gap types to the Profile like “parental leave,” “family care” or “sabbatical,” so that users can address any gaps in their career journey. Statistics showed that 72% of job seekers believe there’s a stigma associated with having a career gap, 79% of hiring managers today would hire a candidate with a career gap on their resume. Once you have your job title updated, you can then include part of work-at-home parent as a part of your resume and LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) also announced that they will be rolling out new Profile changes over the next few weeks – "These new tools, such as Cover Story and the ability to add Pronouns, are about creating an environment at LinkedIn where everyone can express themselves and their career journey in the ways they most want so that they can find opportunities that most allow them to be who they are at work."