Summarize of 2021 &

Marketing trend of 2022

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Around the turn of each year, there is always a lot of interest in digital marketing trends and marketing innovation. The year 2022 will be no exception. Now, it's a great time to have a quick recap on those strategies in this blog. We have summarized five points to have a quick view of the marketing strategy that appeared in the previous year.

Consumer Behaviour from Physical to Digital 

During the covid pandemic lockdown, almost all marketing channels have become digital. Consumer behaviour has slowly shifted towards digital and this causes the rise of e-commerce and online stores. Consumers were demanding of online stores and digital purchases because of the smooth and secure payment methods, fast delivery and a clear return policy that protects consumers’ rights in order to survive. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing enlists the help of well-known, specialty content providers to raise brand awareness, drive traffic, and communicate with target audiences. This partnership between brands and creators enables businesses to reach out to a wider range of buyer profiles. By collaborating with influencers also helps businesses to cut through the noise and attract their followers towards the brand. 

Social Media offering New Features 

The most iconic social media feature will be Facebook dynamic ads. It shows the right products to consumers who have expressed an interest in your website, app, or elsewhere on the Internet. Then, LinkedIn employs objective-based advertising, which allows advertisers to create ad campaigns that are tailored to certain business objectives. From awareness to conversion, businesses can work their way through all stages of a sales funnel.

Video Conferencing Trends 

Even in the case of a previous epidemic, things will not just return to normal. The past year has demonstrated that workplace computers are not inherently more productive than personal computers. As we all know, hybrid workforce will be advocated meanwhile physical office will not completely disappear. For instance, Whatsapp has allowed up to 8 people in a video call, which is end-to-end encrypted during 2021. 

Meta is Everywhere 

Meta's concept has been introduced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg for how people will engage with the internet in the future decades is the metaverse. People will interact with increasingly immersive experiences via virtual reality, mixed reality, and smart glasses instead of using apps or websites on their phones, tablets, and laptops. However, these 3D spaces in the metaverse will let the user socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond what we can imagine. 

For the time being, you're up to speed. And, as long as you have your finger on the pulse of marketing trends and are constantly open to change your company will not fall behind.