Using Instagram for Customer Service

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If you have clients on Instagram, you have to learn these ways to improve your customer service on Instagram.

#1 Add Customer Service Contact Info to Your Instagram Bio

Never ever ignore your clients’ question because they will lose confidence or interest in a business if their questions are ignored. So, make sure you tell them that you provide in-app customer service on Instagram. Put this information in your Instagram bio because it’s the first thing visitors will see on your profile.

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If your business doesn’t provide customer service on Instagram, it’s important to let Instagram users know and provide them with alternative options. You can choose to add your company website so that they can find you when they need your assistance.

Most customers want to get answers on the platform where they ask their questions. However, just a few companies provide customer service on Instagram so it can take hours, days, or even weeks for people to hear back from them. Not all customers are willing to wait for a reply and therefore will seek out other contact options. To satisfy your customers’ needs and provide an omnichannel customer experience, it’s a good idea to provide several contact options on Instagram.

#2 Feature FAQ Solutions in Instagram Highlight Albums

Not all customers will reach out to customer support when they have a problem and prefer to find a solution to the problem themselves. That’s why it’s helpful to provide self-service options on your Instagram account.

You can choose to create Instagram story highlights for FAQs. With a short 24-hour lifespan, Instagram stories don’t clog your feed with content and the highlights feature lets you save story content permanently to your profile. You could gather multiple stories into one FAQ highlights album that your audience can view at their convenience.

Otherwise, you can also add a link to your FAQ on your website.

#3 Set Up Instagram Quick Replies for Direct Messages

As customers reach out via Instagram DMs with customer service inquiries, you will probably answer many of the same questions over and over again. It can take a lot of time to type the same response to each question, so it's helpful to set up quick Instagram responses for your most frequently asked questions.

When you know the pain points of your clients, build a list of quick responses for your account. Then, simply choose the appropriate quick reply to respond to that customer when you receive a frequently asked question in an Instagram DM.

Ultimately, the idea of providing social customer service isn’t new, as the number of social media users continues to grow and people crave brand communication on the platforms they use most often.

As a photo sharing tool, Instagram isn’t the most obvious customer service channel for businesses, but if you have an Instagram presence and promote your business on the platform, you should be ready to handle Instagram customer service inquiries.