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The Facebook Blueprint is the best solution for you if you want to take advantage of all of Facebook's advertising features. Since it is difficult to adapt to the latest advancement of Facebook's enormous array of updates, hence the Facebook Blueprint courses and assessments were created.

As a result, the largest media platforms present to all marketers their every tool in its digital marketing stockpile through these modules. The e-learning courses were first launched in March 2015. It is a free, nibble, self-paced learning framework that focuses on Facebook and Instagram marketing. It has over 90 courses, the majority of which can be finished in 15-60 minutes. You'll be granted a "certificate of completion" after you've completed all of the components in a specific topic, which you may print and display around the office to indicate that you pass the course. Facebook Blueprint is a good resource for digital marketers who want to keep up with the latest on Facebook's ever-changing range of tools, ad formats, and media buying fundamentals.

Beginner and intermediate courses are all available in the Blueprint catalogue. There are countless more similar subjects to explore and understand more about within these categories. There are numerous reasons to enrol in Facebook Blueprint. We've compiled a several list for you:

#1 Grasp the fundamentals of Facebook ads.

There are 13 basic lessons available for newcomers to Facebook marketing. Creating a Facebook page, advertising your company from your Facebook page, and the ad policies for content, creative, and targeting are all covered in this section of topics. In addition, the topic on Billing, Payments, and Tax Information, as well as an Ad Auction and Delivery Overview are also covered in the beginner and intermediate category.

#2 Get some creative ideas.

There are also particular modules aimed at stimulating marketers and enticing them to embrace digital marketing. Intermediate and advanced courses cover how to optimise creativity for mobile, as well as guidelines and cost-cutting strategies. They provided a scenario that is simple to understand and may be used in your campaign.

#3 Boost sales both online and in-store.

You can also acquire how to increase online sales by taking Facebook Blueprint courses like Closing the Deal with Conversions and Enhancing Your Direct Response Campaigns with Audience Network. Facebook Blueprint also provides skills to develop businesses in driving more in-store transactions, ensuring that your organization continues to thrive from both online and offline sales. 

#4 Reach your audience with the correct tools.

Since Facebook is very much about targeting, Blueprint offers 11 courses on how to use Facebook resources to narrow in on your target demographic. Because you can only achieve your desired outcome if you attract the right audience. This program will prepare you how to target your audience on Facebook and how to choose your audience selection tools.

#5 Understand how to manage ads effectively.

Facebook has a wide variety of ad styles, and new ones are launched on a regular basis. You can distinguish between Story ads, Collection ads, Carousel ads, and other types of ads. Additionally, if you're executing many campaigns at one time, Facebook Blueprint will assist you in managing and optimizing your ads.

Who should take Facebook Blueprint courses?

Anyone interested in advertising on the Facebook or Instagram platforms will benefit from the Facebook Blueprint courses. Facebook Blueprint is an excellent place to start for growing digital entrepreneurs, marketers, small business owners, and non-profits because the platform and learning tools are both free and accessible from anywhere.

The Blueprint is the best solution for you if you want to improve your Facebook marketing skills and take advantage of all of the platform's features. Facebook Blueprint is a useful tool for digital marketers to keep up with Facebook's ever-changing suite of tools and ad formats. Courses are especially useful if you want to perfect a specific skill or attain a specific goal, such as generating leads or promoting an app.