Youtube Audio Ads (now in beta) Help Brands Reach Listeners For Less

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There is a rise in competition for attention as more consumers turn to online platforms, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, YouTube is seeking new ways to help companies cut through the noise to increase consumer reach.

YouTube has launched the beta version of YouTube audio advertising, an audio format ads that show a static picture or simple animation instead of a video. Similar to radio ads, for consumers who may not be looking at the screen of their computer, audio ads rely on the audio of the commercial, replacing the need for video production.

YouTube is best known for being an online video-sharing site with over 2 billion active monthly users. Still, many individuals use it to upload and listen to audio-focused content such as music, podcasts, educational lectures, comedy skits, interviews, and news.

Through audio advertising, businesses are already experiencing positive outcomes. YouTube has also seen its benefit in the months of testing leading up to the beta version of audio advertising, when it found that more than 75% of tested audio ad promotions contributed to a substantial rise in brand recognition.

According to Google, some audio ad best practices for an ad between 15 and 30 seconds are to:

Focus on sound – YouTube audio ads should focus on the audio aspect, so use minimal animation assets or a call-to-action static image. During the beta, users can upload their audio and static image or simple creative animation to YouTube to create a URL.

Have a consistent tone and tempo – For a 15-second ad, aim for 40 words when using a voiceover in the ad.

Be conversational – A friendly tone helps transition listeners between entertainment content and ads.

Include a call-to-action in the audio or in the video creative – Offer an opportunity for listeners to take the next step, such as reading or showing a short link to your website in the ad.

Comply with Google Ads policies – Ads shouldn’t be overly intrusive to listeners, so make sure to comply with the Google Ads policies.

The key to successful audio ads is to ensure that the messaging in audio-form helps the listener understand clearly what the ad is about and what they should do after listening.