4 Important Hiring Criteria Every Company Should Know

· Marketing

Websites like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed has made easy for companies to find talent. During the covid-19 pandemic, the job search process has been largely digitized, and a lot has changed when it comes to the way hiring is done.

While it is crucial to prioritize clear and concise hiring criteria to find the right candidate for the right set of circumstances, here are the four questions to consider when making key hires.

1. Can your company benefit from an industry outsider?

Sometimes, raw talent is more important than industry expertise. You should be on the lookout for candidates who are dedicated to the position and could potentially bring fresh ideas to the company. This expands your hiring pool from a narrow list of regulars to a new and innovative talent pool that can take your business to new heights.

2. Does the candidate have transferable skills?

The candidates who bring transferable skills to the table often have the greatest impact on your company. In this day and age, the ability to adapt to new and emerging communities and businesses is crucial.

Key skills to look for include: leadership, communication, problem solving, drive, ability to multitask, and — more importantly — creativity, all of which can be cross-applied between positions and different sectors.

3. How well does the candidate fit into your company culture?

It requires deep clarity and understanding of your own company culture, a due diligence process to ensure the candidate can fit into that landscape, and benchmarking and keeping track of talented potential hires early in the recruitment process.

4. How strong is the candidate's work loyalty?

Loyalty should be measured by a combination of engagement and length of service, but never tenure alone. A loyal employee is engaged. Your company can avoid the unnecessary hurdles and costs associated with high churn rates by paying attention to employee engagement.

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