Apple Privacy Setting Threatened Digital Marketing

· Advertising

Apple is one of the world’s current biggest companies. Alongside with the recent news on the update about the Google Ads Policy, Apple is also updating their privacy setting. Even though Apple is a well known company, having Apple products is still considered a luxury. So it is safe to say that those who can afford Apple products have money. So what does that mean has to do  with the recent Apple announcement? 

Well, Apple prioritises privacy more than anything else so Apple has been offering iPhone users the opportunity to opt out of allowing advertisers to track them around the internet. Due to this, anyone or any company who usually tracks users and sells those datas to advertisers would need to rebuild the foundation of their business model. It also means that there is less data to deliver personalised ads. 

The announcement about the Apple privacy setting has affected many including Facebook/Meta and it also indicates the direction for future digital advertising where there won’t be any personalised ads. Since the new Apple update, Facebook/Meta has been experiencing stock drop due to their inability to collect data or track their users.The only way to get over this is to be direct with the customer and telling them about personalised ads while gaining the first party data. With these new updates, companies should stop relying on third party data and try other ways in gaining the users data.