Instagram launches their

“Take A Break” features in

March 2022

· Social Media

Instagram recently launched a new feature called “Take-a-break” and as the name suggested, the feature makes the users take a break from scrolling through Instagram. 

How it functions is that the user sets a time reminder daily and the apps would inform you when the time is up and take a break from scrolling. Other than that, the users can also set a daily time limit that would close the apps once the time is up. The main target audience for this feature are young teens and young adults that are constantly scrolling on Instagram. 

The feature also helps parents in controlling their kids' screen time. What can this feature mean to advertisement? Well, with less screen time, the advertisers and marketers need to step up and rethink their strategy. They would need to compete fiercely in attracting the user and see the traffic trend on when there is the most or least traffic. 

The feature would be used in all Meta platforms where they would limit the usage of their platform since they are under fire when a study showed that Instagram has the ability to deteriorate the younger generations mind. As the feature has only been introduced for iOS, advertisers and marketers still have time to explore the feature and how they not only can manoeuvre around it but also take advantage of the new feature.