Marketing Opportunities

for Ramadhan 2022

· Digital Marketing

Even during the pandemic, the amount of money people spend especially during Ramadan exceeded the non-festive periods. Brands that want to engage with Indonesian customers need to know the latest shopping behaviour and Ramadan consumers’ insights. Brands need to make sure that their omnichannel - a business strategy that integrates different methods of shopping, are ready to engage whenever and wherever a customer shops.

Build a Timely Presence to Help People in Purchasing

Customers need a trusted source of information before purchasing so they usually turn to the search engine to find any relevant information and oftentimes, customers would pick from the first result page. Having a timely presence, not only let your customers know that you exist but let them know what is going on with your company as well as raise the rank in the search engine as the system would recognise you more aadn deem you as trustworthy.

Create Personalised Video Content to Appeal to Local Audience

By having personalised video content, companies can cater to the diverse needs and shopping behaviour of their customers, hence attracting them to the company. Online video can reach more audiences especially during Ramadan as more people watch video content during the holy month compared to non-festive periods. Companies can partner with YouTube content creators who have deep expertise and extensive audience connections that will widen the range of the audience and bring brand awareness to the company.

Connect People through Online and Offline Channels Seamlessly

Companies should make every customer count whether online or offline. For example, Indomie’s culturally-sensitive and seamless online-offline marketing during Ramadan became one of the most talked-about Ramadan campaigns on social media in Indonesia, with business results to show for all the buzz. Indomie stocked their shelves with the same flavour that they are advertising so that the customer can get what they are craving for when they watch the ads and by shelving the brands in most supermarkets, the customers can see it regularly and are tempted to try it.

This upcoming Ramadan, be sure to check your campaign and cater it to the right audience using the method so that you can have the maximum output from the campaign especially with such a big target audience.