Look At My Catchy Colour!

Choosing The Right Colours for Your Outdoor Advertisement

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When making outdoor advertising such as billboards, many people are keen on a beautiful design that can charm others. However, many still forget that billboards are not just not need a beautiful and simple design, but color selection should also be appropriate. This should be emphasized that the message you want to convey will be accepted by the people as well as possible.

These are the correct color selection steps for your billboard:

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Be selective about the suitability of the colors you use on billboard ads. This is because too many colors used will lead to confusion and weaken the effectiveness of your billboard. Do you know what the main rule is? Stick to 3 colours, as much as you can.

You should want your message to be delivered as best as possible. To get a successful result, try not to use more than 3 colors.

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Avoid using subtle colors even though it looks attractive but they just do not work. Use vivid colors or bold colors to make sure the billboard stands out against the nature. Plus, do not blend your color the scenery like using subtle, neutral or pastel colors.

People will be overlooked on your billboard as seemingly and confusing.

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The use of color contrast is very important to help billboard ads stand out. Avoid colors that have similar hue or frequency because otherwise your message will be difficult to understand and read by viewers. Above is the best color combination when designing on outdoor ads.

The use of a good color combination will definitely make your billboard pop! Remember, every colour has its own meaning. Decide wisely for your brand!