The Thing About Outdoor Advertising

Why Do Brands Still Consider To Advertise Using Outdoor Advertising?

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Digital outdoor advertising was estimated...

to rake in US $ 14.6B in 2018 reported by B & T. The amount is huge as 11.9% increase from the previous year. Yet still some entrepreneurs still have no awareness of the greatness of outdoor advertising that can provide great returns for every investment. Outdoor advertising is getting increasingly sophisticated - from traditional printing to LED billboard advertising yet digital marketing is still considered a king by some entrepreneurs since it is easy to manage and have fastest execution. However, what is the reason for some brands still choosing outdoor advertising to build brand awareness?

  Eyes on the Road

When we go through the roads or get stuck in traffic jams, our eyes not only being decorated with wide sky views, skyline and greenery, billboards will be our view as well especially on the highway or in the middle of the cities. Even if you do not like the ads, you have no option to shut it down or change it. Even more, if you intend to remove the ad. Unlike radio and television where you can change the channel to “skip” look at the displayed ads.

  24 hours

If you really know and understand your target demographic is located within a closed geographic radius, it’s definitely the best choice to get people’s attention over by advertise on a billboard. Ads on billboards will be aired 24 hours a day and it is extremely important to install billboards in the area that have a lot of visitors. Whether it’s hot or rainy, the billboards will remain firmly advertise your brand.

  Build fastest brand awareness

The original purpose of implementing advertisements is to increase brand awareness of a product to the public. So, billboards are the best way to build the most prominent brand awareness with exclusive and uncluttered messages. You do not have to compress ads with inappropriate messages. Your ads need to be directed to targets. They’re hard to ignore the ads and they tend to stick in their minds.

  Pure advertising medium

We do not need advertising that requires deep reading because they only have a few seconds to focus on billboards. Billboard advertising requires ads that send messages fast and repeat impressions to consumers. Messages are not necessarily delivered using words, but pictures also capable to give a deep message and the brands will keep in their minds. The important thing to remember, billboards are not websites or brochures.