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Identifying suitable location of outdoor advertising for my brand

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Outdoor advertising isn't something odd...

...and it is even growing in Malaysia. Although it’s just a picture hanging on the board, it had a huge impact to the products and brand. We can see an increase in outdoor advertising especially in the cities area – bus station, commuter, building, flyover, bridges and highway. Outdoor advertising is installed with a variety of design, shape, size and content. But how can we identify where is the best location to install the outdoor advertising?

  1. Visibility

Billboard advertising is aimed at giving the audience an awareness of our business or products. Visibility of the billboard advertisement should give a preeminence for every marketing campaign as it we want to to achieve our business’ goals. Marketer experts reviewed, front-facing billboards are able to improve the ads on a broad scale. Hence, we’ll focus on the ads that are actually facing us directly and precisely towards our eyes. Remember, people are not going to go out of their way to take note of your artwork, it has to be readable within a short period of time as they are usually read whilst being passed at high speeds, so make sure it’s front-facing and plainly obvious to oncoming traffic.

  1. Readable Height

Choosing proper and easy billboards to be captured by their eyes in a high speed. How? Make sure the billboard is in readable height. Ensure the placement is within the drivers’ height of vision for maximum exposure. We still see a lot of billboards that are huge but hard to read because there are hindrances like trees, branches, overlapping with other billboards and so on. We need to examine the locations from every angle to give convenience to people.. It’s a big no to place ads on the billboard which has obstacles because it will menace the performance of the ads.

  1. Traffic count of location

When we install the billboards, we want people to read, look and be aware of the presence of our brand. High-traffic areas such as highway or crowded area of the cities are first-rate to get extensive exposure to the brands especially in traffic jam. The higher the traffic count in a region, the greater the exposure given. If your product has mass appeal and is not just geared for a specific demographic, then public transportation is a great option.

  1. Know your audiences

Understanding and knowing who is your target audience for the products is one of the earliest stages in marketing execution. Not everyone is ideal for your business yet it’s an important thing to reach out your brand message to the right audience. Once you have identified your target audience, you can begin to plan and there’s no better way than reaching them on the road.

In conclusion, billboards are the best way to reach the audience in no time. But, it’s still like other advertisements that require critical planning to ensure investment on the advertisement is not a waste.