Expanding Product Tagging in Feed to Everyone

Instagram has expanded the ability to add product tags in Feed posts to everyone in the U.S. Making your business's product shoppable on Instagram is becoming easier nowadays. Creators and businesses have already started influencing their fans by showcasing how they use and dress their favourite products on Instagram. By enabling product tagging in posts, Instagram is now allowing anybody with a valid public Instagram account to inspire people closest to them. With the launching of this feature, people could introduce their favourite brand and product to their family and friends by tagging the product or brands in their post.

How can customers spread the word about the company ’s product?

Use the tagging tool to tag a brand before specifying a product when making a feed post. Customers will be able to the details of the product when they click on the product tag in the published post. The product tag will allow the customer to get all the information about your product and purchase the product without even leaving the app. This will make the purchasing process easier and quicker for the customer.

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1. Start by creating a Feed post

  • To begin making your feed post, click the + symbol in the upper right corner of your home feed and then press Post.
  • Upload a photo to which you want to add a product tag and then click Next in the top right corner.

2. Begin the tagging step

  • Select Tag People.
  • Select 'Add tag’.
  • Browse and tag the company that produced your product.
  • At the bottom, there should be two options labelled 'People' and 'Products.' Select 'Products.'
  • To begin labelling products, tap the photo.
  • Use descriptors to locate the product and tap to tag it.
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3. Publish the post

According to Instagram, the extension would make it simpler for individuals to find products from people they follow, as well as for businesses to grow their following on the platform. When someone tags one of their products on Instagram, the business owners will be notified. They may also access all of their profile's labelled material in one spot. The business owners may also manage their product tag choices in their settings to regulate who tags their items.