How to Boost Sales through Direct Messaging

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You may use the Chat Plugin to integrate your Messenger experience straight into your website. This enables your customers to communicate with your business at any time, using the same customized, rich-media experience that they have in Messenger. The Chat Plugin will instantly load the customer's and your business most recent chat history. The Facebook Chat Plugin could  provide assistance to your customers while they are browsing the website.

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Benefits of Direct Messaging

Turn visitors into customers

Chat Plugin allows you to answer people's inquiries about pricing, product, and other issues in real time

Increase customer satisfaction with personalized support

The Chat Plugin allows website visitors to contact you with a single click. Customers will be delighted if they receive individualized advice and assistance, or if they receive quick responses to frequently requested issues.

Keep the conversation going in Messenger

The Chat Plugin allows you to keep the interaction going with customers even after they leave your website. There is no need to learn new tools or collect data; simply continue your conversation on Messenger.

Install in just a few minutes

In just a few minutes, you can install the Chat Plugin on your website.

Step 1: Add Messenger to your website

  • Go to your Facebook Page > Settings > Messaging
  • Click Add Messenger to your website > Click Get Started
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Step 2: Setup Chat Widget

  • Click Setup button on the upper right hand corner
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  • Set Language: Choose the language for your Chat Plugin
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  • Add Domains: Include https:// and your domain with and without the www prefix
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  • Copy Code: Copy the code or send an email to yourself.
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  • Paste Code: You'll need to insert this code into the Header Section of your website.
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  • When you're finished, click Finish. Your Messenger widget is now active. You may disable the Guest Mode for your Messenger Widget.

Facebook Messenger marketing is crucial  to develop deeper relationships with your audience and discover more about what they're searching for. Direct messaging strategy could actually help you to build relationships with your customers instantly. This may be a significant method to create a good and unique customer experience that will set your business apart from the competitors.