Meta New Updates that Help Businesses to Grow

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2022 is coming to an end soon and Meta (Facebook) has been announcing various updates since the very beginning of 2022. Lately, Meta (Facebook) has announced that they will be introducing and implementing a few updates in their Ads Function to help businesses growing their business. Let us have a look at the summary of new and exciting new functions introduced by Meta (Facebook)!

1. Royalty-Free Audio for Reels Ads.

The launch of a special collection of free sounds for Carousel Commercials on Reels by Meta is intended to make it simpler for advertisers to develop Reels ads. Advertisers have the option of manually choosing a song or allowing the app to do so depending on the ad's content.

2. Post-Loop Reels Ads in Testing.

After the end of a Reel, 4–10 second skippable video commercials are being tested by Meta. The original Reel will resume and loop once again after the advertisement.

3. Image Carousel Ads for Reels in Testing.

These advertisements can have 2 to 10 photos and can scroll horizontally. They will be visible below the content of Facebook Reels.

4. Advantage Custom Audience.

This is a brand-new targeting automation tool that reaches both potential and current consumers using an advertiser's Custom Audience. It is comparable to Lookalike audiences, but goes beyond their levels of 1%, 5%, or 10% resemblance. Additionally, backed by AI and machine learning, it will give your Custom Audience priority when receiving advertisements.

5. AI Function in Messenger.

Brands may now run click-to-Messenger ads that will target the customers most likely to engage in a conversation with your company and make a purchase.

6. Open Beta Test of Augmented Reality (AR) ads Launching

Both the feed and Stories will have access to these advertisements. Users will be able to interact with them in innovative, dynamic ways, such as by visualizing how a piece of furniture would look in their home or on their wrist.

7. Content-Based Inventory Filter In Testing.

To enhance brand safety and suitability features, Meta is testing their inventory filters for both Facebook and Instagram feeds; if all goes according to plan, these tools will be widely accessible in early 2023.

8. New Call Ads Updates

Meta has made several substantial Call Ads modifications, enhancing the format to reach more potential clients and generate higher-quality leads.

The detailed information of these updates are available at HERE and HERE! You may refer to it if you wish to exploreerehmore or have a detailed understanding of these new updates.

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