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To Boost Your Sales for 11.11


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As a marketer and business owner, are you wondering what you can do or prepare yourself for the coming 11.11 biggest yearly sales event in order to grow and boost your sales revenue in the coming weeks? Rest assured! We got your back! Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to get your business prepared for the yearly mega sales month!


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1. Hot Deals Promotion with Personalized Stickers and Labels

To remind customers of 11.11 offers, you can use personalized stickers to display marketing messaging on your store's windows, walls, giveaways, or even product labels. Create a special visual post on your e-commerce platform and make a custom category or label for your products. Add a straightforward code to encourage walk-in visitors to make another online purchase, or even better, include a QR code that customers can quickly scan to get information of the latest hot deals and promotions on their smartphones. This is a powerful approach to get people to become a frequent buyer especially for new customers who weren't familiar with your brands and products before the event! With lovely branded stickers, you may enhance your e-commerce clients' shopping experiences. With attractive brand stickers on the packaging boxes, you can bring the shopping experience for customers in an online store to the next level. According to a University of Wisconsin research, quality packaging can increase customer trust in your business by 19%. You might wish to take advantage of this opportunity if you want to increase your sales by the end of November each year!


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2. Sales Announcement On Your Online and Offline Stores

Display fliers featuring all of your current products, including those from your offline businesses in order to keep your customers interested in the weeks leading up to 11.11 and boost up awareness. At this point, people will be hunting for deals on everything from various platforms, both online and offline! Give your clients the option to pay online and pick up their orders at the neighborhood store. Giving them fliers or coupons can draw customers who might return to you even after 11.11 is over.


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3. Highlight Main Focus Product for Promotion

Posters advertising 11.11 offers are a great approach to draw in new clients and show that you respect the event! Designing eye-catching digital posts or physical fliers to inform your customers and prospects that these items are special highlights for the coming sales that they should not miss. Additionally, you can advertise QR codes on flyers or posters (both physical and digital) so that people can scan them right away with their smartphones. With the use of QR codes, smartphone users may quickly access additional information, including the biggest seasonal sales of the year and other special discounts! Put up signage in front of your retail outlets, or include it in fliers you hand out to people offline.


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4. Distribute Gift Vouchers or Discount Vouchers

One of the main motives individuals shop during this event is a voucher or coupon, since many of them offer up to 70% discount! According to the book Marketing Metrics, businesses have a 60–70% likelihood of selling to existing customers and only a 5%–20% chance of selling to new customers. Giving them gift vouchers or discount vouchers, either a digital code for online redemption or physical printout to be used in the next purchase. You'll be shocked to see how coupons can boost your sales in just a few short weeks. Remember that 11.11 deal hunters love to share their purchasing advice with others and the greatest 11.11 discounts they have found, so you should be active on social media networks to promote your brand and latest updates in order to increase brand awareness.


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5. Get Your Staff Ready!

Last but not least, make sure you have adequate staff and supplies to handle this major sales event! Many companies fail to adequately train their employees and lack the manpower needed to address situations on the actual day. What will happen if there is no sales representative accessible to answer your clients' questions or if they are forced to wait in a long line for payment because there aren't enough cashiers? What if your online customers are wasting a lot of time in the chat room to wait for customer service but never get a single response? If they are not treated properly, they could feel irritated, dissatisfied, or angry easily. Even worse, you risk losing your valuable customers if they decide not to return to you. For a business to further reduce potential risks and unforeseen scenarios that may occur during the day, it is important that their staff be trained and equipped to handle such situations.

As more businesses sign up to participate in this year's biggest online sales event, 11.11, it is crucial that marketers also think about 11.11 marketing and sales concepts that boost client engagement and improve your influence. They will blend in with the "marketing noise" of advertising efforts, but which of these 11.11 marketing concepts you choose to use will set you apart from the competition!

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