There’s a New Way to Buy Products on Instagram — Right in Chat

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Payments in Instagram Chat: A New Way to Shop

Instagram allows individuals to find and connect with what is important to them. People are communicating with their favourite businesses as well as with family and friends. Every week, one billion users message a business via our family of apps, whether they're chatting with businesses, exploring items, requesting help, or connecting with news. We want to let individuals start conversations with businesses they care about, as well as find and buy things they love, all from the chat thread. That's why we're introducing a new option to buy on Instagram today – right where you chat.

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When conversing with a certified small company on Instagram, you can now make purchases without leaving the conversation. For example, if you want a bag, all you have to do is send a message to the company about the one you want. You can then discuss about customizations, such as adding your initials, and place your order straight in the chat. You'll be able to track your order and ask the company any follow-up inquiries in the same chat thread. Finally, Meta Pay will be available for purchase, making checkout even faster with just a few touches. You may also buy with confidence because your payments are processed securely and your purchases are safeguarded.

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Small business owners will be able to use this new service to:

  • Real-time chat with customers to answer inquiries and confirm purchase details.
  • Make a payment request that includes the item description and price.
  • Payment should be requested and collected.

When a company is ready to launch its digital storefront, they can use Shops on Instagram and Facebook.