Facebook x Spotify : "Project Boombox"

· Industry Update,Social Media

Facebook is going all out on its new social audio thrust but not all of the music and podcasts it will play will be coming from its own users. While the social networking giant does have thousands of users who can create original audio content, other companies have the advantage when it comes to more established creators and channels. The partnership between Facebook and Spotify, "Project Boombox" which enable users to listen to Spotify music or podcast while scrolling through the Facebook app. This would be an in-app media player that plays the music you've wanted to hear.

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Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg explained that one of the benefits of Project Boombox is it will be helping creators who showcase their creativity in Spotify to gain more exposure. This project has already been released in multiple countries such as Mexico and Thailand. It will be also launching to the US market within a few week.