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New software solutions meant to help you get your website among the top search engine results are rising up these days, thanks to SEO being such a vital aspect of marketing and business. These tools, on the other hand, are not always inexpensive. For businesses on a tight budget, this can be an issue. Here, we share with you a list of the best free SEO tools for you to upgrade your ranking.

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Google PageSpeed Insights is a fast and simple web-based tool for evaluating a website's speed and performance. It assesses the speed of a website on both mobile and desktop devices and assigns a score. More importantly, it provides extensive inspections as well as improvements that may enhance page load speed. 

You just need to enter a URL, and this tool will evaluate its loading time and performance on both desktop and mobile devices. The performance of your site is then graded on a scale of 0 to 100. It informs you exactly how long it takes for the site to load based on several indicators, as well as proposing ideas for improving your site.

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This incredible tool often gets a poor reputation, either because people do not know they can use it for free (i.e. without running an ad campaign) or because it no longer displays the precise search traffic figure, but rather an approximation. Despite its shortcomings, Google Keyword Planner is still one of the most important free SEO tools, as it may be a valuable resource for learning about keyword research.

With this tool, you'll be given two options when you've set up your Keyword Planner: 

  • Find Keywords 
  • Get Search Volume and Forecasts.

You can use this option according to your needs. If you're going to use the Keyword Planner for keyword research, Find Keywords is the way to go. Use the Get Search Volume and Forecasts option if you already have a list of keywords and want to see how they'll perform.

Google Search Console is where you can get information about your site's organic performance as well as any issues that have been detected, such as manual action penalties. It's something that every SEO who cares about Google rankings should be aware of. This tool gives you a sneak peek at what the world's most popular search engine thinks of your site. It allows you to monitor and resolve technical issues on your website, view crucial SEO data like clicks, impressions, and average ranking position, and submit sitemaps, among other things.

SEMrush is a complete SEO toolset that helps you to stay on top of the technical aspects of your site's optimization, among other things. While there are a variety of pricing levels to select from, a free subscription offers a variety of benefits: In the Position Tracking tool, for example, you may track the positions of up to 10 keywords. You can also search their Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics databases up to 10 times every day.

The Ahrefs Keyword Generator is a free service that generates up to 150 keyword ideas for each search phrase. It gives you search volume and KD (keyword difficulty) for each keyword in addition to keyword ideas. For given keywords, Keyword Difficulty (KD) is the estimated ranking difficulty derived using the Ahrefs algorithm. It has a scale of 0 to 100 (lower numbers are easier to rate).

You may use the Keyword Generator to get keyword ideas not only on Google, but also on Bing, Youtube, and Amazon. Furthermore, you can search not just in your country but also in one of the 170+ countries included in the dropdown menu.

SimilarWeb is a small but useful web analytics service geared toward enterprises. It collects information on your clients' and rivals' website traffic and referrals, as well as keyword page views, bounce rate, and other metrics. This tool can be used to estimate how much traffic a website receives. See a list of traffic sources, locations, and other details. A useful tool for researching competitors. To see every data point, you'll need a premium subscription, although the free version will suffice for an overview of your competitor's behavior.

Answer the Public was one of the first SEO tools to hit the market, and it immediately distinguished itself with its hip, a little quirky UI and a simple but smart premise. This SEO tool uses the majority of Google and Bing autocomplete results to provide users with information on the motives behind each inquiry. 

Simply type in any relevant term, and Answer the Public will return a comprehensive list of long-tail keyword prospects as well as frequently requested questions. This generator sorts the results for you in alphabetical order and organizes them into questions, prepositions, comparisons, and related keywords. All of this is available for download for additional processing.

Sloth enables you to configure 301 and 302 redirects, implement hreflang, run A/B testing, edit your robots.txt file, and even gather log files using Cloudflare Workers and their large network of worldwide data centres. This free tool gives you control over many important SEO operations, eliminating the need to rely on programmers or find solutions for CMS or server limits. Sloth allows you to leverage Cloudflare Workers to run JavaScript on the side without affecting the underlying infrastructure and thus allowing you to get your jobs done faster.

Bing Webmaster Tools offers in assisting you to monitor your site's search engine visibility. This tool  provides more information about the performance of your website than Google Search Console.

Bing Webmaster Tools provides detailed information about your site, including an overview of how well it is performing and the areas where you need to improve. It enables you to highlight changes, diagnose site faults, and receive Bing alerts and notifications by allowing you to understand how users reach your site.It also has an SEO analysis tool (called SEO Analyzer) that provides best practise advice and even bypasses your robots.txt file to evaluate pages that aren't ready to be indexed. 

Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization tool that helps you optimise your blog entries. You can utilise it by inputting your blog post's core keyword, and Yoast SEO will offer ways to improve your blog post's search engine optimization. 

The Yoast SEO plugin is easily installed and much simpler to use. Yoast examines your page or post once you provide the focus key and tells you whether you've used it enough times, as well as other essential details you may have overlooked, such as metadata and images. It even allows you to create an XML map for your website so that search engines may easily explore it.

We hope you've uncovered a few new tools that can help you improve your workflow without breaking the bank. The amount of remarkable advancements in our sector is practically endless, but we've tried to compile a list of the greatest here. Some provide full all-in-one solutions, while others can be mixed and matched according to your preferences.

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