Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce 


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Increasing your ecommerce sales will benefit your organisation whether you're a new company or one that's been around for a while. Businesses, unfortunately, experience highlands and falls. Don't be disheartened if this happens to you. We can steer you in the right direction if you're having problems coming up with fresh strategies to attract new clients and improve revenue.

1. Concentrate on your current consumers.

When a company is experiencing a hard time coping, it often assumes that it is due to a lack of customers. Loyal consumers, as opposed to new customers and consumers who have just made one transaction on your website, tend to add more goods to their shopping carts, have a better conversion rate, and create more revenue each time they visit.

Going after your existing customer base is far more cost effective.What is the reason for this? Your brand is already well-known to these customers. There is no learning curve for them to use your items. So concentrate on methods to make their experience better. Create a customer appreciation programme that encourages consumers to invest more money each time they go shopping.

2. Ensure prices are appropriate

People will visit your online shop now that you have established some reputation. It's time for you to set the appropriate prices so that these individuals can purchase from your shop. Find out how much other stores are charging for the same item. You might be able to use cost as a differentiator.

If your wholesaler is selling the product at a higher rate, switch wholesalers. You may have to hunt for it on the market, but it will be worthwhile in the long run. Consider lowering shipping costs or offering free delivery. If a customer spends more than RM100 in your store, they get a bonus. 

3. Add images on customer testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviews are a wonderful approach to provide proof of concept. A statement from an anonymous and faceless person, on the other hand, isn't very believable. Take your testimonials to the next level. 

Including a photo of someone with a face proves that this is a real person, not someone you made up. This type of recommendation can persuade others to make a purchase, resulting in greater sales. Customers will be glad to share their experiences if your solution solves a problem. Your site's sales will increase if you include stories and images with your testimonials.

4. Make your store mobile-friendly

You can't conclude that just because you have an online store, your customers are just purchasing from their laptops. The reality is that consumers buy online using their smartphones and tablets.

Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly. Potential sales will be turned away if your page isn't mobile friendly. It could be one of the factors you're noticing a drop in sales if you don't have a mobile-friendly site. Improving the customer experience will help you sell more and earn more money. Figure out a way to concentrate on the needs of your customers. Accessibility, speed, and saved preferences and settings are just a few examples.

5. Highlight your best-selling items

Provide some instruction to your customers. Show them what consumers are most interested in purchasing. When a website has a "best seller" feature on the homepage, it is more convenient for customers. Not everyone who visits your website knows what they're seeking for.

You can also use this chance to advertise products that have the biggest profit margins. You can post them on your homepage even if they aren't your top sellers (no one needs to know that). In an ideal world, your best-selling products would also be your most lucrative ones, so attempt to make that happen if you perform profit margin alterations.

If your ecommerce site's sales are continuing to stall or plateau, it's time to come up with some fresh and innovative ways to sell products and services. Rather than attempting to acquire new consumers, concentrate your marketing strategies on your current market. Consider creating a mobile application if you want to go the additional mile. Highlight your best-selling products. These pointers can assist you in increasing sales on your site.