The Key People Behind Your Business' Marketing Success

    Chief Storyteller


    Melvin Chan

    Melvin has always been involved in starting, growing companies as well as having his fair share of winding up unsuccessful companies that provided him with great insights of running and growing successful startups - all down to execution and speed in building networks.




    Strategic Account Director


    Richard Moh

    Richard is a Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in digital marketing and operations, product development, customer success etc. Quite a jack of many trades.





    Internal & External Customer Support Lead

    Tan Kai Lin

    With excellent communication skills, Kai Lin is experts in communication with clients, understand their needs and provide suitable solutions. Besides, Kai Lin is also a great team supporter who supports the team all the time.







    Parntership Development & Operations

    Karen Lee

    Karen is a trained marketing specialists and is instrumental in ensuring our solutions are always comparable with the best standards adopted by many successful brands.

    She is also key in ensuring our partners understand and share common objectives in designing our marketing solution to the businesses we serve.


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