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    The latest and most effective lead-to-sale management SaaS, Salesteddy that has assisted businesses in elevating impact of sales conversions and effective resources management, is now working in partnership with Adstrux Asia to roll out to our clients that benefit from intelligent lead-to-sales process to drive higher revenue in times of pandemic.

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    What is Salesteddy?

    Salesteddy provides easy-to-use lead-to-sales management process by empowering the marketing team to drive better leads with sales conversion numbers attributed to any running campaign while providing management with real-time sales performance analytics for better support and intervention to close more sales.

  • With Salesteddy, businesses would know where exactly is the leakage within the marketing-to-sale process and what precisely to fix.

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  • What Our Clients Says

    “We have a clearer view of our leads status and can monitor real-time pipeline growth using Salesteddy. Now we know what is happening before the booking submission which was the only sales data that we had and mattered before we started with Salesteddy. This helps us to step in to remove the blocks to closing even more sales by addressing with individual sales person effectively."


    - Rod, Honda dealership in Klang Valley

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