Making, Buying & Measuring 

Outdoor ads amazingly easy!

Find the best location from all over Malaysia. Plan, purchase and measure your outdoor ads only in one place. 


Plan your campaign

Find locations by audience demographic, CPM targets, budget, specific markets, campaign goals, points of interest, or any other strategic parameter.

Select your location

AdStrux aggregates inventory from 1000+ media owners in Malaysia.

Measure your impact

From increases in site traffic by postcode to improved performance marketing, AdStrux has the most advanced tools to quantify the impacts of outdoor advertising.

Build your campaign in just a few clicks.

Interested in outdoor advertising but don’t know where to start?


Whether you are looking for a location or planning to create nationwide campaign, AdStrux will help you to find the best location.


Choose from the wide range of options nationwide, including the ideal location through Adstrux. New to outdoor advertising? Don’t worry, our experts are ready to help you.


Preview your campaign on an interactive map and quickly browse photos for each location. Upload campaign creative, and receive proof of performance once your campaign begins.

Pre-negotiated Rates

Enjoy the best discount and supplier direct pricing. No hidden fees.
Ready to give Adstrux a spin? There is special discount for starter.


Track your today’s audiences through automated campaigns such as calls, QR codes and vanity URLs.


Quantify and measure your spend with AdStrux’s industry-leading suite of analytics tools.
Integrate your outdoor campaign with Google Analytics and AdWords, geo-located mobile ads & surveys, movement tracking, and more.

Billboards you can measure

Plan, purchase at agency rate, and… No extra booking and agency fee required.

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